Below just a selection of topics to show a part of our core competencies:

- VMware Certified Professional (continuous work with VMware Products since 2000)
- Unix experiences since 1988
- Veritas HA Specialist for Unix / RedHat Certified Engineer / Different certifications EMC/SAN/NAS
- Process automation, customer specific scripts (EMC Clariion snap/clone/failover, EMC Legato Networker cloning, VMware Consolidated Backup, ...)
- Linux special hardware O/S mods (Asus Eee, Atmel AVR, Openmoko, Beagleboard, Cubie, Weetek, Raspberry Pi 1/2/3/compute/zero, Unity, Fritz, Synology, ...)
- Embedded linux low level mods, enhancements, startup optimisations, ro root fs, ...
- Different customer specific Linux-Live-Systems (CD, USB, PXE, ...)
- Specialized kiosk systems
- Special engineering, development, O/S on hardware write protected media, O/S undestroyable, no virus scanner needed, fool proof...

The above is just a quick overview. Many details and other information (for instance other O/S) were intentionally left out.

You need more information or you have a challenge for us? Please contact us at:         ( _at_ = @ )

Summer 2022